About Me

Digital transformation is what I do best – I love it when creativity, innovation and technology combine to make something new and amazing. I’m inspired by the constant leaps and bounds our industry is taking and I’m always humbled to play a part in this transformative space.

After studying and working in PR for some time, I began my career in government (moving through local, state and federal at various turns), creating and running digital programs for small businesses, encouraging and teaching them to harness the power of digital technology to improve the way they operate.

My specialty has always been stakeholder engagement and translating complicated techno-babble into something meaningful for everyone I deal with.

In my current role at Alyka I help make our digital projects as seamless and stress-free as possible.

I’m an (occasional) geek with a knack for translating digital dreams into reality. My goal is to help make amazing things happen with digital technology and to give every single one of my clients an amazing experience along the way – I’m lucky enough to get to do that every day with the fantastic team at Alyka.