Brighter Star

We thought we were twin souls, destined for each other since the first atom EXPLODED.
But we were only ever destined to implode.
Now there’s a crater in my chest.
And he is a black hole – space, deformed and undefined, dark and inescapable.
I crossed his event horizon.
I hopped, skipped and jumped over it, so sure that he was my star.
Instead there was nothing.
No one.
Just a p a s s i n g moment.
A memory to remember and forget.
This ‘star’ was long dead.
The light tricked me –
But it was from many years ago, a time long past.
The sunshine saved me.
Its burning reality was unmistakable.
I became my own star.
Brighter than he could ever have known or ever will know.
A brighter star.
– My Bright Star.

B x