Hey! I'm Beth.

Welcome to the home of my brain tingles and the place my poetry lives.

When life gets complicated, the best way I’ve found to understand it again is to write – usually while drinking coffee.

I’ve been doing this since I was a little kid (the writing – not the coffee).

If I’m not writing about whatever has most recently made my brain tingle, I’m probably reading, singing or socialising. I eat a plant based diet, I hike, I lift, I yoga, I consider myself a minimalist, a philosopher-in-training, a free thinking, a walking contradiction, a perpetual student and a life enthusiast.

A creative at heart, I really just love words and what they can do when you arrange them in a certain way – give hope, bring them laughter, inform, inspire, challenge, educate, heal – and so much more.

What I write about

How to write

Linkedin captions, press releases, website copy, poems – and everything in between.


Stories about the lies we tell ourselves about the choices we don’t think we have.


On minimalism, alcoholism, stoicism feminism (and other religions).


On how we create a confuse the world based on the lenses we choose.

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