Hey, I'm Beth.

I’m a philosopher-in-training, a word nerd, a poet and an occasional geek.
I’m a universe of contradictions, a free thinker and a perpetual student. 
This is the place my poetry lives and where I share my many and varied musing’s about life.


What is a philosopher-in-training anyway?

Well hey! Thanks for being here.

You’re probably wondering what the hell a philosopher-in-training is. I’ll be honest, I made it up. But it felt right. I research, read, talk to people much smarter than me to test and tease ideas out into articles and poems worth sharing. I do this because I love thinking deeply about the things that pervade the human condition.

I find people endlessly fascinating, and infuriating – equally as amazing as we are dumb as shit.

Join me on my philosophical ruminations about life and humanity.

I write one long article a month and I share it around in a (probably profanity laden) email. Depending on what else I might have been thinking about, I may also set a poem free, review a product I’m using, a book I’m reading, or share a quote I’m loving… to be perfectly honest, what’s in there each month will be as much a surprise for me as it is you.

So if you want to join the fun, join my mailing family – I don’t want anything other than your email address and I’ll keep it incredibly safe, scouts honour.

What I write about


About life, love, growing up, moving on, motherhood and much more.


On the confusion and chaos that the many paradoxes of life present to us.


On minimalism, alcoholism, stoicism feminism (and other religions).


On how we create the world through the lenses and biases we use (and abuse).

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