On Perspective | You’re well arranged stardust [Poem]

Perhaps perspective isn’t what we think.

Perhaps it’s a telescope that we’ve been looking through from the wrong end
and we’ve been pointing it to the ground instead of up into the heavens
wondering why the starts can’t see us.

Or perhaps the only truth is this –

that perspective is;
knowing you’re well arranged stardust,
animated by imaginary voices,
on a giant rock
floating through space.

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On creating your life | The Creator [Poem]

Do you know what it’s like to be a god?

You should.

Because that’s what you are.

You are the creator of your universe.

You’ve already met your maker 1000 times over – just by looking in the mirror.

You’re the master of the ship you choose to sail and you’re every iceberg.

You’re everything.

But you’re also nothing.

You’re nothing more than this second, this moment, this breath.

You don’t exist in the past or the present because those things don’t exist either – they’re the imaginings of a wayward mind.

And the imaginings in your head are only for you. No one else can ever experience them.

In that – you’re completely alone.

Maybe you’re lonely too, but that’s not a prerequisite of being alone – that’s a choice as well.

You’ve created it all – the chaos, the karma, the lonely and the love.

So tell me – doesn’t that make you a god?

I very strongly believe in the power we have as individuals to create and control our destinies.

You, and you alone, are responsible for creating your life.

Whether you believe in a higher force or believe in absolutely nothing, you should at least – I can’t believe I’m going to fucking say this – believe in yourself.

You are the cause, the conflict and the cure for every part of your life.

If you can just learn to take a modicum of responsibility for that you will be amazed at the new course you can chart.

You choose your thoughts and your actions – in fact this is all you choose. Everything else is utterly irrelevant in that it is completely out of your control.

So are you willing to become the creator of your own damn life?

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On the laws of energy | It’s Just Chemical [Poem]

The first law of thermodynamics

I learned from a brilliant mind this week, the first law of thermodynamics. The transfixing notion that energy can neither be destroyed nor created – only transformed. I have since become fascinated by the idea that our universe is made of cascading energy, continually flowing between galaxies and between pebbles. Does this mean that maybe, the same energy that lives in me once lived inside a star?

Maybe this is where intuition comes from? From the chemical energy that’s been transforming and transferring across our universe for billions of years. And this chemical energy that’s been here before and will be here again and remembers it all on a deep physical level. What a magnificent thought that is..

It’s Just Chemical

We are energy, enchanted.

Never created, never destroyed – constantly cascading, colliding, (re)creating the universe.

We are energy, evolved.

For once I was you and once you were me and once we were both stars.

We are energy, embodied.

We are energy.

We. Are. Energy.

… and energy always remembers.

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